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The bad situation in our world today, brought me to think about these problems of the world and established me to created the organization 1Love www.1loveorganisation.de  This  organization provide strong love for the world and it is a contribution to the fight against poverty, disease, hunger,  etc … . Our new project for to imrove the health situation in Africa There was no political stability since 2002 Situation and the post-election crisis 2010 claimed many lives, this situation was kindled a worse civil war, especially in the west of the Country (in the town of Duékoué) again many innocent people lost their lives! There, not only the civil war has cost many lives but also the numerous diseases. The people there have little chance to essential Therapies and no facilities to services and medical care is very catastrophic. The development of our call for support A German bank in Nuremberg has followed this call and gave us as a donation a complete hospital facility  such as an operating room and anesthesia machines, numerous medical equipment, Beds, computers, office equipment, etc ... We thus plan to build a hospital in the Ivory Coast, more specifically in the city Duekoue to send to the suffering people direct aid in an emergency. We therefore ask you to support our organization with a donation that we do these great challenges to attack and to achieve this important goal. Thank you very much for a donation, because every donation helps people these urgent help come to have and to improve their lives!

Help us to help – please donate for this project!